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About us

Like many other successful companies in the world, the development of the company began humbly in a small workshop. Today the office technology product range includes Material Handling Equipments, Reeling machine, shredder-baler combinations and many other accessories. Today, we are a strong and popular brand in many business areas, with a strong presence in many countries around the world.

The portfolio includes vertical, horizontal and channel baling presses up to a pressing power up to 200 tons. The portfolio also includes configuration and implementation of system solutions for shredding and pressing various valuable products such as paper, foil, cardboard, composite materials, PET, foams, car tyres, hard plastics Cotton, Waste cotton, Coir fibre etc.

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22 Years Of Making Change

We promise the very best in service – and keep to it

Expect reliability and efficiency

After more than 15 years of supplying balers to satisfied customers within many different industries and businesses, we know that efficient waste handling makes a valuable and very visible difference. Decade of experience – and close contact with the people who actually use our balers – makes it possible for us to create solutions, which provide the reliability and efficiency our customers have come to expect from a FABTEX solution.

Who uses our balers?

Our broad product range easily answers the demands of many different businesses. By constantly listening to the market we have built a tradition of providing our customers with what they really need. Our customers rely on us.


FABTEX stands for quality: for products and service! Of course, the service is very different for the wide variety of products we provide, but it is always at the very highest level. So that every customer always feels well looked after.

About us

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