E-Waste Shredder

E-Waste Shredder

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The Fabtex make E-Waste Shredders and Granulators are tailor-made to suit specific customer requirements of recycling different types of e-wastes. This machine developed and designed Shredders and Granulators, especially suitable for recycling of e-waste at affordable price and easy recovery of economical products during recycling process.

These powerful shredders Hard Drives, Network Servers, Printers, Copy Machines, Computers, Motherboards, and much more with ease. With a large range of e-waste shredders, ranging in size from 8.5” x 16” to 40” x 72” has an electronic waste shredder to meet your need.

Our low-speed, double shaft shredders are particularly suited for this process. The low speed ensures that the electronic waste is carefully shredded with low emissions. The shredded material is ideally suited for e-scrap recycling machines and subsequently for cutting facilities where precious metals are separated from their impurities.

  • Application
  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Data
  • Light electronic scrap
  • Laptop
  • Hard drives, etc.,
  • Coarse or Finely Cut Output Configurations
  • Cutter Cartridge Technology
  • Few Moving Parts
  • No Stack Retightening
  • Rugged Construction
Drive Electric
Number of Motors One / Two / Four
Power Range 10 hp – 50 hp
Cutter Thickness (nominal) 10mm – 25 mm
Cutter Diameter 254 mm
Shaft Diameter 70 mm – 200 mm
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