Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press

Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press


Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press

The FABTEX Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press is an industry-leading solution designed for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. This compact, vertically operated machine is gearless, featuring a simple mechanism that requires minimal maintenance and offers a rigid structure for durability. Specifically engineered for 3-shift operations, the FABTEX Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press is built to handle continuous use, making it an excellent choice for high-demand textile environments.

One of the standout features of the FABTEX Yarn Bundling Press is its versatility. It is ideally suited for baling yarns of 2.5 kg and 5 kg, accommodating various production needs. The machine’s robust design ensures superior press force, providing consistent and high-quality bundling that meets industry standards.

The hydraulic system of the FABTEX”S machine is a key component that enhances its performance. The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and powerful operation, reducing wear and tear and extending the machine’s lifespan. This design choice also contributes to the machine’s maintenance-free nature, allowing operators to focus on productivity rather than frequent upkeep.

Safety and ease of use are paramount in the design of the FABTEX Hydraulic Yarn Bundling Press. The machine is built to provide a safe working environment for operators, incorporating features that minimize risks and enhance operational efficiency. The intuitive design ensures that operators can quickly learn to use the machine, reducing training time and improving overall productivity.

In summary, this machine is a reliable and efficient solution for textile operations. Its compact, gearless design and simple mechanism ensure minimal maintenance and maximum durability. Designed for continuous 3-shift operations, it is perfect for baling yarns of 2.5 kg and 5 kg. With a focus on reliability, superior press force, and operator safety, this Machine is an indispensable asset for any textile manufacturing facility.

  • Application
  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Data
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Fancy Yarn
  • chilli bags etc
  • Savings of Power:

Power Cost 5% to 7.5% less due to reduced working time to 30secs per bundle.

  • High compaction ratio
  • High Production

Total Bale Production/shift will be 420 bundles of 5kg/shift in our machine.

  • MaintenanceFree

due to no gears, pulleys, shafts and wire ropes.

Capacity (Tons)5
Max. Table Travel (mm)300
Table Feed (mm)2000 mm / min. (max)
Bundling Box Size (L x W x H)300 mm x 215 mm x 465 mm
Motor Power (HP)2HP, 3Phase, 1440 rpm.
Cycle Time (S/Per bundle)8 Secs
Gross Weight (Kgs)250
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) mm1080 x 800 x 1400
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