Hydraulic Warp Beam Trolley

Hydraulic Warp Beam Trolley


The ‘FABTEX’ range of Warp Beam Trolley characterized by a robust frame and hydraulic pump, specific wheels and bearings to facilitate sliding are the ideal aid for simple and fast movement in narrow space. These hydraulic pallet truck type trolley are suitable for handling empty as well as full warp beam with maximum capacity of 2000kgs. The ergonomic handle facilitates maneuvers and ensures safe and comfortable operation; the lifting-lowering-idling operations are facilitated by the lifting pump with three-position lever, which ensures complete control through the operator’s hand.

  • Application
  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Data
  • Weaving Beam handling
  • Paper Roll Industry
  • Carton Roll Handling
  • Serviceability

Unlike cheap pallet truck this is completely Rebuild able pump

  • Customization

Fork width or length can be customized accordingly

  • Polyurethane Rollers

Reduces the noise and increases the life of wheels

  • Manual lift

10 to 12 full strokes to reach maximum lift

  • Options

Parking Brake

Technical Specification:

Load Capacity Kg/lbs 2000
Loading Centre Mm 550
Beam Diameter mm 800/900/1000
Fork Length Mm 2000 / 2500
Min. Fork height Mm 80
Max. Fork height Mm 185
Steering Wheels Mm 180 x 50 PU (Polyurethane or Nylon)
Fork Wheel Mm F 80 x 70 PU (Polyurethane or Nylon)


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