Fully Automatic 2 ram Baling Press

Fully Automatic 2 ram Baling Press

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Two Ram Baler

A Fully Automatic Two Ram Baling Press, such as the ones manufactured by Fabtex, is an advanced industrial machine designed for efficiently compressing and packaging recyclable materials, waste, or other goods into dense, manageable bales. The key feature of this baler is its dual-ram design, incorporating two hydraulic rams that work together to compress materials. This dual-ram system provides greater compaction force and efficiency compared to single-ram balers, resulting in denser bales.

Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler is fully automated, equipped with sophisticated control systems that automate the entire baling process, including material feeding, compression, bale tying, and ejection. This minimizes the need for manual labor and enhances operational efficiency. The versatility of Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler is another significant advantage, as it can process a wide variety of materials such as cardboard, paper, PET bottles, HDPE, textiles, and metals. This makes it suitable for diverse industries, including recycling, waste management, and manufacturing.

The high performance of Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler is evident in its dual-ram design, which ensures even compression and produces uniform and dense bales. The high compaction force and throughput capabilities make these machines ideal for high-volume operations where efficiency and productivity are critical. The enhanced efficiency achieved through automation reduces manual intervention, speeding up the baling process and allowing for continuous operation, thereby increasing throughput and reducing labor costs. Additionally, the higher compaction force results in denser bales, which are easier to handle, store, and transport.

Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler offers operational flexibility due to its ability to handle various materials, making it adaptable to different recycling and waste management needs. This flexibility provides a solution for companies dealing with diverse waste streams. Furthermore, by streamlining operations and reducing labor costs through automation, these balers can lead to significant cost savings over time.

The applications of Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler are extensive. In recycling centers, it is ideal for processing large quantities of recyclables, including paper, plastics, and metals, by efficiently compacting these materials into dense bales. Waste management companies can use it to compress and package waste materials, facilitating easier transportation and disposal. In manufacturing industries, Fabtex’s Two Ram Baler is beneficial for managing significant amounts of scrap material, helping to recycle waste more effectively. Additionally, in logistics and warehousing, these balers assist in managing packaging waste, ensuring that materials like cardboard and plastics are compacted for easier storage and transport.

Overall, a Fully Automatic Two Ram Baling Press, like the ones offered by Fabtex, is an essential machine for any industry needing to manage large volumes of recyclable materials or waste efficiently. Its dual-ram design, automation capabilities, and versatility make it a robust and efficient solution, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

  • Application
  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Data
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Natural Fibers
  • Pet Bottles
  • Shredded Material
  • Flims etc.,
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Operated Door which increases work efficiency and saves labor.
  • Strapping can be done by steel wire, PET Strap or HDPE strap for high strength.
  • High compaction ratio
  • Material Feeding by conveyor.
  • Effective OperationInspection window for safety and dust reduction.
  • Electrical Control by PLC with monitoring and programming by Ethernet connection, fully automatic.
  • Adjustable Bale Length for achieving bale weight and height.


Technical Specification:

ModelTRB- 10TRB – 20TRB – 30
Baller ApplicationCardboard(OCC, Carton), Pet Bottle, Plastic Paper, Waste Cloth, Shredded Paper, Municipality Waste, HDPE
Bale Size (mm)Length120013001500
Bale Weight (Kgs)Up to 500Up to 900Up to 1300
Bale Production (kgs/h)Up to 4500Up to 10000Up to 15000
Drain ChannelOptional
Bale EjectionAutomatic
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