Weighing Scale Horizontal Baler

Weighing Scale Horizontal Baler

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The ‘FABTEX’ make Weighing Scale Bagging Machine mainly used in baling of loose materials which cannot be blocked like Coir Pith. Choosing it to be horizontal keeps operation running smoothly with less labor and ensures uniform bales. It can produce and pack bales in plastic or woven bags. This Bagging Machine is controlled by PLC, which can enhance production and bales can be directly bagged in a Plastic or woven cover.

This bagging machine resolves the problem in small scale industries with very less bale weight. This machine also has option of making it completely automatic from feeding of material to movement of bale by means of conveyor. This promises safe and easy functional working environment for the operator.

  • Application
  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Data
  • Peanut Shell
  • Leaves
  • Cellulose Fibre
  • Sawdust
  • Rice Husk
  • Shredded Paper
  • Wood Shaving
  • Waste Cloth (Banian Waste, Cloth waste, Wiper Rag)
  • Compost and other similar materials
  • Automatic Conveyor Feeding is optional For continuous feeding of material with help of conveyor and hopper. This enhances productivity and maximize throughput.
  • Automatic Strapping Automatic PP or Pet Strapping is optional for materials like paper, OCC waste, Alfalfa etc.,
  • High compaction ratio
  • Availability of Bagging: Enables the compacted baler to be ejected directly to the bag at the outlet of the chamber.
  • Effective Operation Inspection window for safety and dust reduction.
  • Electrical Control by PLC, Fully Automatic.
  • Bale Ejection By automatic


Technical Specification:

Model WHB-10 WHB-20 WHB-30 WHB-40 WHB-50
Baller Application Peanut Shell, Leaves, Cellulose Fibre, Sawdust, Rice Husk. Shredded Paper, Wood Shaving, Waste Cloth (Banian Waste, Cloth waste, Wiper Rag), Compost and other similar materials
Bale weight (kgs) Up to 8 Up to 12 Up to 20 Up to 25 Up to 30
Bale Size (mm) Length 400 400 550 550 600
Width 300 400 400 450 450
Height 100 180 250 250 1100
Bale Production (kg/h) Up to 400 Up to 550 Up to 800 Up to 1000 Up to 1200
Material Feeding Conveyor Optional
Bale Ejection Automatic
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